Bar Louie Prices 2022

If you’re looking for an eatery that comes with the vibrant atmosphere of the bar, then Bar Louie would be the perfect spot. It is easy to look for a Bar Louise restaurant because the company has established itself at more than 70 locations in the United States. Be it a date night or a friends’ night out, Bar Louie provides all the adequate facilities and atmosphere. Cocktails, Margaritas, Martinis at Bar Louie are the signature drinks because these are handcrafted in accordance to taste of neighborhood in which bar is set. All these are availed at very affordable Bar Louie prices.

Bar Louie Prices and Service Menu 2022

Look at the table below, to know more about the prices at Bar Louie

Last Updated: 13 January 2022



Meatballs Al Forno$11.49
Bruschetta Pomodoro$8.49
Bruschetta Pomodoro (with shrimp)$10.99
Bavarian Pretzel Sticks$8.99
Spinach & Artichoke Dip$8.99
Trio Dips & Chips$8.99
Crispy Calamari$10.99
Tempura Shrimp$10.49
Adobo Shrimp Skewers$10.49
Cheese Quesadilla$8.49
Cheese Quesadilla (with chicken)$9.99
Loaded Fries Or Tots$9.99
Traditional Or Boneless Wings$10.99
Chicken Nachos$11.49
Hummus, Tapenade & Tzatziki$9.99
Beer Braised Mussels$10.49
Tortilla Soup (cup)$3.49
Tortilla Soup (bowl)$5.49


Blackened Salmon Sliders$12.49
Short Rib Sliders$12.49
Bacon Cheeseburgers Sliders$9.99
Chicken Parm Sliders$10.49


Roasted Vegetable Flatbread$11.49
Verde Chicken Flatbread$11.49
Buffalo Chicken Flatbread$11.49


Backyard BBQ$10.99
Blue Louie$10.99
Chicago Stockyard$10.99
Fried Louie$10.99
Hamburger (with cheese)$10


Add Portabella$3.49
Add Chicken$4.49
Add Shrimp$5.49
Add Salmon$6.49
BBQ Ranch$8.99
Chop Chop$9.49
Pear & Blue Cheese$9.99
Blackberry, Orange & Brie$8.99
BLT Wedge$8.99
Classic Caesar$8.49


California Chicken Club$11.49
BBQ Pulled Pork$10.99
Meatball Hoagie$10.49
Turkey, Ham & Brie$9.99
Sesame Tuna$13.49
Grilled Veggie Wrap$9.99
Bacon & Fried Egg Sandwich$9.49
Crispy Chicken Melt$11.49
Luigi (with cheddar)$12.49


Drunken Fish & Chips$13.49
Four Tacos Plato$12.99
Mexican Sunrise$12.99
Voodoo Chicken$12.99
Tuscan Chicken Pasta$13.49
Sesame Encrusted Ahi Tuna$17.99
Baked Mac & Cheese$10.49
Baked Mac & Cheese (with broccoli, bacon or jalapeno)$11.99
Baked Mac & Cheese (with grilled or fried chicken)$14.49
Baked Mac & Cheese (with shrimp)$15.49


Tennessee Whiskey Cake$8.49
Chocolate Cake$9.49


House Salad$4.49
Mac & Cheese$4.49
Black Beans & Rice$4.49

Bar Louie Opening Hours

To know about the hours of operations at Bar Louie refer to the table given below.

Monday 11AM–02AM
Tuesday 11AM–02AM
Wednesday 11AM–02AM
Thursday 11AM–02AM
Friday 11AM–02AM
Saturday 10AM–02AM
Sunday 10AM–02AM

Specializations of BAR LOUIE

The Bar Louie restaurants are famous for their handcrafted cocktails in casual settings with neighborhood touches. As the logo of the company symbolizes a martini glass, all restaurants under it comes with a bar settings which provide amazing appetizers and customized alcohol drinks. The unique thing about Bar Louie is their regional taps which are around 20 in number; for example Imperial White, Sam Adams, etc. The list of premium wine includes Moscato, Merlot, Prosecco, Sauvignon Blanc, etc. The martinis, margaritas and cocktails are hand-curated and customized in the house by the professionals. In addition to this, the bar runs some special discounts and offers like happy hours from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.; Wednesday discounts on beer; etc.

Talking about the food menu, you will get salads, meatballs, sandwiches, chicken nachos, burgers, etc. Along with these you are served with complimentary dips, salsa sauces, tartar sauces, etc. You can get a combination of above with your favorite appetizers available at very mild prices of Bar Louie. Besides the wider range of food items, you will love the aura of the place. Most of the bars under Bar Louie offer patio space which is perfect for throwing large celebration parties to your friends. The ambiance of the place is set in a way that you will get the relaxed vibes so that the sweat of the day can be easily dumped off.


The Bar Louie chain currently owns 70 locations across the United States. Established in late 20s, the company has strived to provide a consistency in departments of drinks and services. The atmosphere maintained in the restaurants is set according to the needs and taste of the neighborhoods, which ranges from being a peaceful one to a trendy one. It’s been more than 25 years and Bar Louis has set a trademark which promises the best and authentic services to its clients which make them come back again for the same. All this made available at very cost-effective price of Bar Louis.

History of BAR LOUIE

The first restaurant opened under the chain was in Chicago, Illinois in the year 1990. Presently, the headquarters are in Addison, Texas. The company was founded by Roger Greenfield and Ted Kasemir. With the passing years, the restaurants became famous for its customized martinis and oversized sandwiches. The business strategy used by Bar Louie chain is to establish restaurants at different locations having different neighborhoods. In addition to this the company also follows a franchise policy since 2005 under which the franchise of Bar Louie is currently enjoyed by approximately 100 operators. Presently, the company is referred to as the urban bar for providing the trendy facilities suiting the needs of individuals neighbors, for example Alabama, North Carolina, Rhode Island, New York, South Carolina, Virginia, etc. Along with the restaurant dining facilities, the company provides with delivery services and catering services. All this is provided at moderate Bar Louis Prices.

Bar Louis Customer Support

In case you need any support or have any query, you can contact us on the following numbers.

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Bar Louis Headquarter Address & Number

You can also reach us at the following address.

4550 Beltway Dr, Addison, Texas 75001-3707, United States
(972) 386-5567

Bar Louis Near Me

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Review of BAR LOUIE

In order to have a better insight about the Bar Louie Prices, refer to the pros and cons given as follows.


The timings of the restaurants are so satisfactory.

Since Bar Louie is more of a bar than a restaurant, so the timings are set accordingly. The bar opens around 11 a.m. in the morning and closes around 2 a.m. in the night. So whether you were planning to have a long late night, relaxed dinner or a late night, romantic date with your significant other, Bar Louie takes care of all.

The location of the Bar Louie restaurants makes them perfect for casual hangouts.

If you live near one of those Bar Louie restaurants, then it would surely be your spot of casual meetings and hangouts. This is so because, Bar Louie takes care of the taste of the neighborhood and adjust its facilities and menu in accordance to that.

The staff at Bar Louie is very helpful and polite.

A great serving staff makes a bar great that is why at Bar Louie, you will just love the staff. The staff here is very attentive to all your needs, they will serve you in the best ways possible. In addition to that, they are very polite and friendly, so you’d never be hesitant about your queries.

The handcrafted drinks at Bar Louie are the best.

If you don’t try any one of the handcrafted drinks available in such wide range, then you’ll probably be failing the purpose of coming at Bar Louie. This is because bar Louie are famous for their innovatively customized drinks.


There is no take away service available at Bar Louie.

Bar Louie restaurants come with the home delivery service, but at these restaurants you can’t ask for a take-away service. This is probably because of the fact that they want you to enjoy the ambiance and décor of the place while you eat your food.