Arclight Ticket Prices 2022

If you’re a person who looks at movie-watching as a discipline, then Arclight theatres were definitely built for you. At Arclight your entire time in the auditorium will be devoted to watching movie, various methods have been adopted which wouldn’t waste a single minute of yours, like reserved seating, no using of phone, no late entries. So, that you enjoy your movie very seriously without facing any disruptions. Did you ever get irritated by those advertisements which you are compelled to watch before the movie, or those trailers of the movie which you’re least interested in watching? Then, suffer no more because at Arclight theatres you’d get to see no ads before your movie begins while the number of trailers shown is also limited, because movie watching is a serious business. So, enjoy all these amenities at very inexpensive Arclight ticket prices.

Arclight Ticket Prices and Service Menu 2022

Look at the table given below about prices and book your tickets accordingly.

Last Updated: 13 January 2022



Children (ages 1-12)$9.75 - $11.49
Infant (<1 year)$12.50 - $15.99
Adult$12.50 - $15.99
Senior (60+)$9.75 - $14.99


Children (ages 1-12)$11.00 - $12.49
Infant (<1 year)$15.75 - $17.49
Adult$15.75 - $17.99
Senior (60+)$12.00 - $16.99


Children (ages 1-12)$9.50 - $10.99
Infant (<1 year)$12.50 - $14.99
Adult$12.50 - $14.99
Senior (60+)$9.75 - $11.99


Children (ages 1-12)$17.49
Infant (<1 year)$17.49
Senior (60+)$14.99


Children (ages 1-12)$14.99
Infant (<1 year)$14.99
Senior (60+)$12.99


Children (ages 1-12)$10.99
Infant (<1 year)$14.99
Senior (60+)$11.99


Children (ages 1-12)$9.50 - $10.99
Infant (<1 year)$12.50 - $14.49
Adult$12.50 - $14.49
Senior (60+)$9.75 - $11.99


Children (ages 1-12)$13.00 - $13.99
Infant (<1 year)$17.50 - $18.99
Adult$17.50 - $18.99
Senior (60+)$14.75 - $15.49


Children (ages 1-12)$11.49
Infant (<1 year)$15.99
Senior (60+)$14.99


Children (ages 1-12)$12.49
Infant (<1 year)$17.99
Senior (60+)$16.99


Children (ages 1-12)$11.49
Infant (<1 year)$15.99
Senior (60+)$14.99


Children (ages 1-12)$12.49
Infant (<1 year)$17.99
Senior (60+)$17.99


Children (ages 1-12)$13.99
Infant (<1 year)$18.99
Senior (60+)$17.99


Children (ages 1-12)$14.99
Infant (<1 year)$20.99
Senior (60+)$19.99

Arclight Ticket Opening Hours

Don’t be confused, look at the table given below about the hours of operations, and plan your day accordingly.

Monday 10AM–11.30PM
Tuesday 10AM–11.30PM
Wednesday 10AM–11.30PM
Thursday 10AM–11.30PM
Friday 10AM–11.30PM
Saturday 10AM–11.30PM
Sunday 10AM–11.30PM

Specializations of ARCLIGHT TICKET

Arclight theatres are all about comfort and coziness. When you visit a theatre other than Arclight theatres you will be provided with the standard sized seats or the recliners. Nonetheless, at Arclight theatres you are provided with the ultra-comfortable seating which is 3-inches more in width than the standard seats. Also the ultra-comfortable seats have spacious legroom and double-sized armrests.

Arclight theatres are not about exaggeration, they deliver what they promise. Ever since 2002, Arclight theatres have been striving hard in the race of providing the best movie experience. The auditoriums of the Arclight have a black box design which helps in presenting a movie to the movie-lovers in an exact way the directors and producers intended. The designs in the halls are at par with the THX standards of theatrical exhibition.

There is more to Arclight theatres other than just the digital motion pictures. To make sure that the movie experience is unique and the best, Arclight organizes the question answer events which celebrate the film. In addition to this Arclight is the home to classic movies which are exclusively released in limited ways.

Every theatre has some rules and regulations which need to be followed, like no bringing of food from outside, etc. At Arclight all the rules and regulations are made for the sake of your convenience, like no use of mobile phones in the hall, no late entries, so that there are no disruptions caused while you’re watching your favorite movie. Plus, there are very no ads shown before the movie starts and the number of trailers shown are very limited so that you get to see what you’ve came for as soon as possible. To make sure this happens, Arclight provides you with another added amenity which is called reserved seating, which calls off the hold-out lines tradition. Now, you don’t need to tell anyone that the seat next to you is already reserved for your friend because they would already know it. All of this is available at very attractive price of Arclight ticket.


Arclight theatres along with Pacific theatres in the current scenario are a part of the Decurion Corporation which has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Arclight theatres are fully devoted to the serious business in movie watching. They have some strict rules when it comes to the entertainment. Ever since 2002, Arclight theaters are providing an all new meaning to sit back, relax and enjoy the movie. Experience all these things at lucrative price of Arclight Ticket.


Arclight Cinemas were found in the year 2002 at West Sunset Boulevard Hollywood, California in Untied States. The company is owned by the Decurion Corporation. In the Arclight chain of theatres, the first theatre to open up was Arclight Hollywood which currently owns 14 screens. The Arclight theatre stands out of the crowd for offering unlimited amenities from the reserved seating to no ad policy because these chains of theatres are all about providing you the amazing movie experience. All this is made available at very convenient Arclight ticket prices.

Arclight Customer Support

For any query or support, you can contact us on the below mentioned numbers.

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Arclight Headquarter Address & Number

You can also reach us at our headquarters on the below mentioned address.

6360 West Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, California

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Don’t live under doubts be sure about the Arclight ticket prices by going through the pros and cons mentioned below.


No entry after five minutes is the coolest thing.

It may sound like a classroom setup, but then discipline is disciple whether it’s education or movie-watching. Punctuality is demanded, so you can’t afford to be late when you’ve decided to watch a movie at Arclight cinemas, five minutes late and you’ll miss your movie. It’s cool because, the incoming of the people inside the auditorium after the movie starts just ruptures the mood badly.

No advertisement, you must be kidding because it seems like revolution in the movie watching industry

People often get irritated when they have been waiting for their favorite movie since ever, but then they have to wait for extra five minutes before they can watch the movie, only because of the advertisements that they have absolutely no interest in. The Arclight theatres simply put an end to this discussion by showcasing no ads before the movie.

Staff is very friendly and docile until you aren’t breaking any rules.

You will find the staff at Arclight theatres very disciplined, but when it comes to service the staff will attend you very politely, they will solve all your queries in a very friendly way.

No using of phones is such a blessing

Arclight theatres are more of a blessing to the movie-watching experience. Now you won’t hear any ringing of the mobile or see walking around of the people in the hall with their mobiles because Arclight theatres have strict rules of no using of mobile.


Arclight theatres doesn’t hold a massive empire of theatres

Since Arclight is itself a part of a big chain, it doesn’t hold a massive chain of theatres under itself. Due to this many people are missing upon the theatrical experience offered by them.

The tight rules can be inconvenient at times

Suppose you just had to take an important business call before the movie starts and the call takes more than five minutes, you’re definitely going to miss that movie, which can be very inconsiderate at times.