America’s Incredible Pizza Prices 2022

If you’re a pizza lover and your kids too love pizza, so you are looking for a family place to chill out for a while; then America’s Incredible Pizza is ideally suited to your needs. The company strives to bring the families together through the medium of food. It’s because family is most important thing in one’s life, the second place is taken by the food. The America’s Incredible Pizza prices are kept very affordable so that people can visit the place on frequent basis.

America’s Incredible Pizza Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know more about the prices at America’s Incredible Pizza refer to the following table.

Last Updated: 14 January 2022



Adults (12 & up)$9.49


(11am - 4pm, Mon - Fri)$7.49


Children (Ages 8 - 11)$8.99
Children (Ages 4 - 7)$6.49
Children (Ages 3 & Under)Free


Seniors 55+

(All Day Mon - Fri)$5.49
(All Day Sat - Sun)$7.49


Drinks only

(Includes Drinks and Ice Cream)$2.49

Our To-Go Menu

Cheese or one topping$5.49
2 toppings$6.49
3 or more topping or Specialty Pizza$7.49

America’s Incredible Pizza Opening Hours

To know about the hours of operations at America’s Incredible Pizza, refer to the table below.

Monday 11AM–08 PM
Tuesday 11AM–08 PM
Wednesday 11AM–08 PM
Thursday 11AM–08 PM
Friday 11AM–09 PM
Saturday 11AM–09 PM
Sunday 11AM–08 PM


America’s Incredible Pizza is not like the other chains owning large number of restaurants. The company deals in a rigid menu, but makes sure that the quality of food is premium. The beverages served by America’s Incredible Pizza include fruit punch, iced tea, Coca-Cola products from the soda fountain, coffee, etc. The menu is curated keeping in mind the customers, which are mostly kids and their parents. That’s why no alcohol is served. Talking about the food menu, the company serves more than 100 pizzas each of different type. These pizzas are layered with three different crusts, one is original, other is thin and then there is a crispy one which is made from scratch dough. Despite the menu, the restaurants work on the fresh demands, where you just need to tell what kind of pizza you want and they will get it for you. This allows the kids to create their own combinations and eliminate the ingredients they don’t like. After all, the place is all about having fun, where they shouldn’t be compelled to eat some healthy veggies. The menu of America’s Incredible Pizza has much more than just the pizzas, like pastas, fresh salad available at the salad bar, homemade soups, ice creams, pies, bread pudding and much more. All this put in the menu solely for little kids. All this is made available at very inexpensive prices of America’s Incredible Pizza.


America’s Incredible Pizza company is the company run by a family for the family to develop an environment which brings out togetherness between the members of the family. It’s been around the 15 years, the company works with approximately 1,200 workers and the revenue generated is more than 60 million which is most of the times is donated to schools and some non-profit organizations for children. As the name of the company suggest, America’s Incredible Pizza holds expertise in serving more than 100 pizzas on daily basis and allows its customers to curate their favorite type of pizza, choosing whatever ingredients they want. All this is made available at very reasonable price of America’s Incredible Pizza. Besides being a restaurant, America’s Incredible Pizza is a complete package of entertainment and thus the company has won the best family entertainment center of the world, that too twice.


America’s Incredible Pizza was established in the year 2002. The company was founded by Ricky Barsness and his wife Cheryl Barsness. The headquarters are in Springfield, Missouri. It all started with a dream when the couple opened their first restaurant in 1970s in Victoria, Texas. The motive behind the whole America’s Incredible Pizza Business was to establish a hub where families could hang out and have a great time together with food being one of the medium. The motive is traced back to the life history of Ricky where he missed his father’s absence and thus, he wanted to create an atmosphere of togetherness and fun for his own children as well other families. All this provided at very moderate America’s Incredible Pizza prices. In the current scenario, the company is one of the famous restaurant chains in Mexico that is fully based on family orientation. Presently the company owns five locations in Mexico and Midwest area of United States.

America’s Incredible Pizza Customer Support

In case of any query or support, you can contact us on the following numbers.

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America’s Incredible Pizza Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us at the following given address.

2522 S Campbell Ave, Springfield, MO 65807
(417) 890-1408

America’s Incredible Pizza Near Me

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In order to form a better perspective about the America’s Incredible Pizza prices, refer to the pros and cons given below.


The staff at America’s Incredible Pizzais courteous and their behaviour is great towards children

The staffs appointed at America’s Incredible Pizza are very friendly and they are so great around children. The children love them a lot. When it comes to a great restaurant, the great service is must. At America’s Incredible Pizza, the staff will be all ears to your queries; they will always be attentive to the needs of your children. The fact they are so polite would never make you hesitant in seeking any help.

America’s Incredible Pizza is the best place to hang out with family when it comes to holidays.

America’s Incredible Pizza are the best family spots to chill out. From menu to the aura, everything is ideal for having a quality time with your family in holiday.

The self-curating pizza idea is very innovative and children love it.

America’s Incredible Pizza let the customers to express their demands, just tell the kind of pizza you want and they will serve it you. The children love this activity of curating a pizza, because they get to eliminate whatever healthy or green vegetable they want.


At America’s Incredible Pizza no home delivery services are available.

America’s Incredible Pizza doesn’t provide home delivery service orthe take-away. This is so, because the place is all about bring out the togetherness between the family and friends, which doesn’t have much prospects while you’re away at work and your family is at home taking home delivery from America’s Incredible Pizza.