American Deli 2022

If you happen to live in south-eastern parts of America, especially like Georgia and Texas, then you need to let your inner foodie-self devour in restaurants of American Deli. This is a group of fast food restaurants which strives to provide satisfaction to its customer when it comes to delightful food. These delights are made available at very reasonable American Deli prices.

American Deli Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices at American Deli refer to the table below.

Last Updated: 14 January 2022


Chicken Finger

Chicken Finger (4-piece)$5.49



Wing & Philly

Wing & Philly (5-piece)$9.99




Fish Whiting (2-piece)$5.95
Fish Whiting (3-piece)$6.95
Fish Whiting (4-piece)$8.49
Fish Tilapia (2-piece)$6.95
Fish Tilapia (3-piece)$7.49
Fish Tilapia (4-piece)$9.49


Beef or Chicken$5.99


Shrimp (8-piece)$6.99


Corn Beef$5.99


Lamb, Beef or Chicken$5.99

Fried Rice

Fried Rice with Egg, Carrot & Peas$3.99
Fried Rice with Egg, Carrot & Peas with Shrimp, Beef or Chicken$5.99


Chef or Tuna (Small)$4.49
Chef or Tuna (Large)$5.49
Grilled Chicken (Small)$5.99
Grilled Chicken (Large)$5.49
Garden (Small)$3.49
Garden (Large)$4.49

Wings Order

5 piece Wings$4.99
10 piece Wings$7.49
15 piece Wings$11.99
20 piece Wings$14.49
30 piece Wings$21.49
40 piece Wings$28.99
50 piece Wings$34.49
75 piece Wings$50.49
100 piece Wings$67.49

10PC Wings Special

10PC Wing with Cherry, Blue Cheese, French Fries & Drink$8.49

All Order

Extra Fries$1.49
Medium Drink$0.99
5-PC Wings$4.49
Side Order of Fries (SM)$2.49
Side Order of Fries (MD)$3.94
Side Order of Fries (LG)$5.99


Soft Drinks (MD)$1.95
Soft Drinks (LG)$2.49

American Deli Opening Hours

The hours of operations at American Deli is provided below in the table.

Monday 11AM–09 PM
Tuesday 11AM–09 PM
Wednesday 11AM–09 PM
Thursday 11AM–09 PM
Friday 11AM–10 PM
Saturday 11AM–10 PM
Sunday 12PM–07 PM

Specializations of AMERICAN DELI

The specializations of a restaurant chain lie in three things. First is the quality of food, then, ambiance of the place and thirdly, it is the location of the place.The timings of the stores are conveniently set from 11 a.m. in the morning to 9 p.m. in the night. You can eat at the restaurant or you can place a take-away order. The restaurant even serves you with a home-delivery option for all the lazy and tired people. Talking about the menu, you will be served with American Cuisine which comes with several options to choose from. For example, sub sandwiches which come with various choices of fillings like turkey, ham, etc., salads like chef salad, salad with tuna or chicken, garden salad. Even the chicken wings are available in four flavors, like lemon pepper, teriyaki etc. and are served with blue cheese. The famous featured dishes of the restaurants consist of Philly cheesesteaks which consists of the steak sticks bathing in cheese; Reuben sandwiches which comes with Swiss cheese dressed in Russian dressing along with corned beef, sauerkraut; fried shrimp and fish;gyros; submarine sandwiches, etc. All these dishes are served with the complimentary white American cheese, coleslaw and tartar sauce. You can customize your menu for food by ordering fries and aerated drinks. All this is served at very considerate prices of American Deli.


American Deli as the name suggests is a restaurant chain operating in United States. The philosophy of the restaurant is to serve fresh delicacy which tempts you to always come back. American Deli not only does pay attention to the quality of food but also the ambiance of the restaurant in which food is served. The company has gained popularity for offering people great time along with great food. The American Deli restaurants believes that food is the medium which brings people close, which rubs off the day’s stress and helps people in relaxing. Through this belief the company has advanced a lot in South east areas of the States. In this advancement franchising business has played a major role. Presently, the price of American Deli is kept as delicious as the food it serves.


American Deli was set up in the year 1989. The first restaurant under the chain was opened in Atlanta named as South Dekalb Mall. The premium quality of the food was loved so much that very soon second restaurant under the chain was opened in Columbus. With passing years the restaurants strived to serve the best American cuisine in United States. With this progress, there were several other restaurants opened in Georgia. The company got its registration in Georgia in 2011. The progress of the American Deli was just not restricted to Georgia, in today’s scenario the company has set its firm feet in Texas, South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi. The business strategy of the company is based on opening restaurants near some shopping complex or office structures. Along with the restaurants units, there are freestanding units and kiosks in small food courts where the food is availed at cost-effective American Deli prices. In order to have a large business expansion, American Deli has setup programs of providing franchise. Over a period, 60 operators have got American Deli franchise and are wonderfully providing the best food and services to the customers.

American Deli Customer Support

In case you have any query or need any help, you can contact us on the following numbers.

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American Deli Headquarter Address & Number

You can also reach us at the following address

American Deli, 2716 NE EXPY, Atlanta, Georgia 30345, United States
(770) 674-2729

American Deli Near Me

  • In order to find a nearby American Deli restaurant or kiosk, use the map given below.


You have the right to know all about American Deli. In case, something was left out then you can read the following pros and cons and thus know a bit more.


Lemon pepper wings are finger-licking good.

If you’re eating at American Deli, then you can’t just miss the lemon pepper wing which comes in various sizes. Plus, they are served with blue cheese which definitely would make you lick your fingers.

Reuben sandwiches and Philly steak are the best.

Another two things that you can’t miss at an American Deli is their Reuben sandwiches and Philly steak, both served with American cheese. The experience would be just delectable.

The place is great for take away orders

If you’re running late to head somewhere and still want to enjoy a decent, gourmet meal, then American Deli is the answer. The restaurants are mostly famous for their take-away orders’ service.

Great service is provided

The staff at American Deli would never disappoint you. They are always quick and very attentive to serve you. In addition to this, the behaviour of the staff is very friendly and they are polite to talk to.

The teriyaki wings are so reasonably priced.

The teriyaki wings are probably one of the most demanded food items at American Deli. Despite this fact their prices are so reasonable that it won’t hurt your pockets.


Limited space for dinner facilities is available

The restaurants at American Deli have limited spacing, so there would be a struggle to get a dinner there during rush hours.

The timings of restaurants don’t make space for an early morning breakfast or the late night dinner

American Deli restaurants follow the usual timings of 11 to 9, thus you can’t get wishful about that late night dinner or early morning breakfast.