AMC Concession Prices 2022

Anyone who keeps himself updated with the facts would know that AMC cinemas are the largest chain in the Cinema Exhibitor industry across the world. It has the largest number of screens and theatre locations under it.  Despite all this flaunting facts, AMC concession prices at all its cinema theatres are so lucrative and exciting that you would not want to watch movie somewhere else, not even at your home theatres.

AMC Concession Prices and Service Menu 2022

To know about the prices of AMC Concession, refer to the table provided below.

Last Updated:  14 January 2022



Popcorn (Small)$6.09 - $7.49
Popcorn (Medium)$7.10 - $8.49
Popcorn (Large)$8.10 - $9.49
Added Flavour$0.99
Gourmet Popcorn$7.09 - $7.99


Candy (various)$3.99 - $4.99
Ice Cream$3.99


Nachos$7.59 - $7.99
Chicken Tenders$7.39 - $7.99
Pizza (cheese or pepperoni)$7.49 - $7.99
Hot Dog$4.69 - $5.99
Frito Chili Pie$6.89 - $7.49


Soft Drink (Small)$5.09 - $5.49
Soft Drink (Medium)$5.59 - $5.99
Soft Drink (Large)$6.09 - $6.49
Milkshakes$5.89 - $6.49
ICEE (medium)$5.59 - $5.99
ICEE (large)$5.09 - $6.49
Bottled Drink$3.99 - $4.99
Real Fruit Smoothie$5.69 - $5.99
Coffee$3.69 - $3.99


2 Hot Dogs + 1 Large Drink$15.99
Chicken Tenders + Fries + 1 Large Drink$18.99
1 Large Popcorn + 1 Large Drink$14.99
1 Large Popcorn + 2 Large Drinks$20.99
1 Movie Nachos + 1 Large Drink$13.49
Kidspack (Kid's popcorn, drink, Frooti Tooti)$6.99 - $9.99

AMC Concession Opening Hours

Refer to the table given below, to know about the hours of operations at AMC Concession.

Monday 11AM–12.30 AM
Tuesday  11AM–12.30 AM
Wednesday  11AM–12.30 AM
Thursday  11AM–12.30 AM
Friday  11AM–12.30 AM
Saturday  11AM–12.30 AM
Sunday  12PM–07.00PM

Specializations of AMC CONCESSION

From time to time revision, the prices of AMC concessions are always kept up to date. This helps in making the movie experience better when it comes to the food sector. The concessions offered by AMC theatres on the food are very exciting and services along with it make them sound even more exciting. All you got to do is select a seat as per your convenience and lie back comfortably. Adjust the angles of your recliners, once you are all set you can push a button provided alongside and you will be summoned a service. The waiter would take your order while you sit comfortably in your seat. When your order will be brought to you, you don’t need to get up and go anywhere because AMC provides you with the in-seat dinner service. At few locations AMCs even offer the full-dine in service, where you’ll be provided with an extensive menu where you can devour on gourmet food and new customized drinks. The drinks provided are non-alcoholic most of the times, but then there are few AMC theatres where alcohol is served too.

AMCs are very particular about their unique services and luxurious food. Even the menu of the food is prepared after of lot of research and meticulous observation of the taste of people living in nearby locality. Only at AMC you can find different menu for different seasons, named as AMC dine-in Menu for spring, AMC dine-in menu for fall.


If you’re lucky enough to live near any AMC theatre, then feel blessed. This is so, because you can avail yourself with amazing price of AMC concession. These concessions are so tempting that very soon you will be calling AMC theatres as your home theatre for watching movies there most of the times. Except you don’t have to deal with anything, just pay some minimal price for the facilities availed to you. Despite being a famous brand, you don’t have to wonder about the popcorns rates at their theatres, contemplating over the fact that would their popcorns would be famous too. They will be famous of course, since they are made available to you at such unbelievable prices.


AMC theatrical chain has a lot of rich history attached to it. From the foundation, to establishment, from expansion to development, there had been lot of struggle. This entire struggle was worth it, since it helped in improving the history of movie experience and brought it to a standard that we can see today. Talking about the AMC concession prices, it lately has been the subject of scrutiny that what would the prices of food sound like at one of the largest brand of cinema across the world. The food prices at AMCs are always revised and kept minimal according to the prevailing market. You don’t have to be extra armed with money while you’re watching movie at one of the movie cinema, because you will never be disappointed. The food menu is so extensive that you will be facing a nice dilemma while you place an order. The most mundane movie staple is also made available under at least five categories, gourmet popcorn being the one of them. So just relish the food along with the luxurious movie experience and worry about nothing.

AMC Concession Customer Support

In case you need any help or have any query, you can contact us at the numbers given below.

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AMC Concession Headquarter Address & Number

You can also contact us at the address given below.

 AMC Headquarters Plaza 10 72 Headquarters Plaza MORRISTOWN NJ 07960
 Want to share more about your last movie?  877-262-4450
 Need assistance regarding an AMC online order? 888-440-4262
 Are you an AMC Stubs member with a question about your account? 888-562-4262
 Looking to reach our Theatre Support Center? 913-213-2000

AMC Concession Near Me

  • Refer to the map provide below, to search for AMC cinema near to you.


In order to know better about the AMC concession prices, read the pros and cons given below.


 The in-seat summon service just at the press of the button is so good.

The world is progressing to please lazy people and so are cinemas. At AMC theatres, every single lazy person will be so pleased because AMC theatres come with a button concept. This button is provided at the side of your seat, and the pressing of the button will summon you a service. Someone will come to assist you with your queries or take your order for the food. You literally don’t even need to move a single bone to get a service.

 The in-seat dinning service is the blessing.

Gone are the days when you use to eat before watching the movies, or head for dinner after watching the movie. Now-a-day you can eat at your seats while you watch your favorite movie. AMC theatres are equipped with it and provide you with the in-seat dinning service. You can order at your seat, you can eat at your seats. You can even drink at your seats, there is no need to head to the bar later.

 The staff is very nice and attentive.

At AMC theaters you wouldn’t find the staff very intruding with your personal space and entertainment, but they will be always present whenever you need them. They are there to solve all your queries and serve you their best, so that you have a great experience at AMC and would want to come back again and again.


 Some of the exciting facilities are limited to few place only

It’s true that some of the special concession offers and discounts are available at limited places not at every single AMC Theatre.