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9 Round Fitness specializes in kickboxing and boxing fitness programs that integrate interval, functional, cardio and circuit training regimes. Overall, this fitness club will provide all its members an efficient way to train their body and get full workout in lesser time. At 9 Round Fitness, you are no longer required to dedicate extended hours at gym to stay fit. It has all the energetic and fun filled settings and environments to help members stay focused to achieve their fitness goals. Since the training regimes focus on kickboxing, members will not only have the great fitness level and healthy body, but they will also learn self defenses. Moreover, the 9 Round Fitness Prices are kept affordable to enable all people to stay fit.

9Round Fitness Prices and Service Menu

Last Updated: 17 July 2017




Initiation Fee$50.49
Monthly Fee$79.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00


Initiation Fee$100.49
Monthly Fee$148.99
Cancellation Fee$0.00


Initiation Fee$50.49
Monthly Fee$69.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00


Initiation Fee$100.00
Monthly Fee$128.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00



Initiation Fee$50.00
Monthly Fee$59.49
Cancellation Fee$0.00


Initiation Fee$100.49
Monthly Fee$108.99
Cancellation Fee$0.00

9Round Fitness Opening Hours

Monday 5.30AM–8PM
Tuesday 5.30AM–8PM
Wednesday 5.30AM–8PM
Thursday 5.30AM–8PM
Friday 5.30AM–8PM
Saturday 5.30AM–8PM
Sunday 8AM–12PM


9Round Fitness Customer Support

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CUSTOMER SERVICE: 866-619-7978

9Round Fitness Headquarter Address & Number

847 NE Main St. Simpsonville, SC 29681

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The Facilities – 9Round Fitness

The clubs of 9 Round Fitness comprises modern equipments required for old school boxing and kickboxing training. Each club of 9 Round Fitness is equipped with circuits that comprise the series of fitness stations that all members need to complete in 30 minutes. All stations are designed with modern equipments and tools that help members shred pounds and stay fit, while improving their muscle strength and body balance and providing full body toning, enhancing cardio health and educating self defense methods. And the Prices of 9 Round Fitness memberships are very nominal that everyone can afford.

Station 1-2 is equipped with dumb bells, medicine ball, kettle bells and jump ropes and these stations are designed to enhance the strength of the body. The station 3-8 is designed to increase coordination of hand and eyes, build power, enhance speed and timing and all these stations are designed with double end bags, heavy bags and speed bags. The last station 9 is designed to make the member stronger and increase their strength of all major body parts with exercises and training classes. To access all these stations and other training programs, you are required to purchase membership and the Prices of 9 Round Fitness Membership vary depending upon the location and membership type you are planning to purchase.

The members are allowed to access all the stations and also get one-on-one training from the expert and experienced certified instructors and trainers at the club every time they visit the club. Notional assistance and guidance are offered to all members in the club and they can also avail the guide online from its website. The members will be offered with a 9 Round Fitness glove that enables them to hit as harder as they can and a pair of wrap for support of the writs and added protection while hitting.

9 Round Fitness Club Overview

9 Round Fitness is the specialized fitness club that is highly dedicated to serve all its members that are looking for fun, unique and proven workout that can offer them desired results. This fitness club is different as it trains the members with old school boxing and kickboxing fitness programs and training classes that incorporate circuit training regimes along with cardio exercises and interval programs. All the programs offered at the fitness center are designed on the basis of a proprietary system of 9 challenging workout stations that are developed by professionals and experienced fighter. 9 Round Fitness promises to offer complete body results in convenient and quick 30 minutes workout with no class times and at affordable 9 Round Fitness Prices.

If you want to remain healthy and fit and prefer helping people, then 9 Round Fitness club s the right destination for you. It attracts members from all walks of life and the training can guarantee holistic development of your physique with self defense abilities.

History of 9 Round Fitness

9 Round Fitness is the specialized fitness club that focuses on offering boxing and kickboxing training classes in 30 minutes circuit program. It was established in the year 2007 and the man behind the development of this fitness club is Shannon Hudson, who is the winner of International Kickboxing Federation Light Middle Weight Champion of the World in 2011. Today, this fitness club has more than 332 centers across US, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and UK. The membership Price of 9 Round Fitness is very nominal at all the centers.

So, enjoy holistic development and stay fit with affordable 9 Round Fitness Prices.

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