Perfect Saturday Morning

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This is what a sick day looks like.

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Not bad.

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Amazing Chair Upholstery

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My sister in law sent me photos of this old chair that she painted and reupholstered and the results are fantastic and I just had to share.  This project seems so complicated that I’m not sure I would have even attempted it, and I still don’t quite understand how she did it.  Check it out!

Before: wood trim and weathered fabric.


After: black trim and cute paisley fabric.

Great job Brittnei!

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My uncle Randy passed away last weekend.  He was the youngest of 7 siblings, an avid mountain biker and hiker, and the hardest working person I’ve ever met in my life.  He died unexpectedly at home at the age of 40.

When my other uncle called to tell me the news, my brain just could not compute.  Even still, I have to repeatedly remind myself of what has happened, to re-realize everything again and again.  Calling my dad to deliver the awful news was quite possibly the worst thing I’ve had to do in my life – I don’t think my heart has ever pounded that hard before.

From that moment on, the significance of everything changed.  The blog entry I was so excited to write (about making pies in jars, of all things) now seems ridiculous.  The everyday concerns of work and home were instantly unimportant.  But the woven basket collecting mail by the front door, a gift from Randy’s road-trip across the U.S., is now sacred.  My dishwasher, installed by Randy a few months ago, is a shrine with its hand-fitted pipes under the sink and perfectly crafted piece of wood filling in the small gap on the right-hand side.  Randy was a master craftsman down to the tiniest detail, and with each new discovery I suddenly remember what has happened all over again.

A few years ago I sent out an email to introduce my new cat Goa to my family and friends.  Randy wrote back:

Very cute kitty Jennifer. Remember, you don’t own a cat. That cat owns you!!

Also, someday that kitty will get old and start to drool. She’ll drool on your couch, your bed and any important papers you have laying around….well mine does anyway :)

When are you going to have a get together at your new place?


About a year ago, Goa started drooling. She usually does it when she is very happy and content, often while she’s purring or kneading.  Now every morning she climbs onto my chest while I’m still in bed and begins kneading me with her little paws.  What used to be annoying is now my first reminder of the day, and so the two of us just lie there, drooling and crying.

They say memorials are for the living, and in this case I believe that to be true.  If Randy were still here, he would be the first to crack a joke.  He was always quick with a come-back, followed by his mischievous laugh.  But now, we’re just left dumbfounded without him, unsure of how to go on, or what comes next.

We miss you, Randy.

Randy and his dog Jack, my dad, and brothers Adam and Zach.

I made this video with photos collected by family and friends for my uncle’s memorial service tomorrow. (I realize its kind of sticking off the template, but I didn’t want to make it any smaller.)

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Ray and Jen 2010 – Success!

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Ray and Jen 2010 was a huge success! Knots were tied. Pinatas were bashed. Extra liquor runs were made. Thanks to everyone that helped us celebrate.

Ray and Jen 2010

Ray and Jen Sneak Preview

  • To see some of the photos from the evening, click here. More photos will be added to this album soon.
  • Check out the photos from the disposable cameras
  • Upload your own photos (see right)
  • Check out our video:

The original site can be found here:

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