Day 5: Daylight

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Day 5 brought the most exciting change of the renovation so far – our solar tube!  Our bathroom used to have a window centered on the exterior wall.  You can see the blocking for it in this photo:

For some reason, the window was removed when the house was flipped right before we bought it.  It did hang over into the shower area, so perhaps the flippers thought it looked awkward?  We did consider replacing the window, but opted for a solar tube instead. This required BK cutting a hole in the ceiling and the roof, and then connecting them with a series of metal tubes.

BK looks down from the roof.


BK on the roof.

Its so great to have natural light during the day. We don’t even need to turn on the light until the afternoon.

Goa stealing some attention during a slow moment.

Here's a trick for cutting holes in drywall or cement board - trace the item (in this case, the toilet hole) with lipstick.

Coating the cement board in the shower with RedGuard waterproofing membrane.

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