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Day 12: Grout

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Day 12 brought us the first task that actually took less time than we had estimated.  Grouting the floor was pretty simple and actually kind of fun.  We’re still working on removing the grout haze, but the grout color complements the marble nicely and we’re really excited at how it looks.

While I was working on the grout, Ray left me a little surprise.

Ray had the hard task of cutting the last few tiles for the shower.  This involved precise and/or curved cuts, but he’s a master tile cutter by now.

At this rate, we’re looking at having our toilet installed by Sunday!

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Day 11: Seal it Up

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Now that we’re back to work, we’re not able to accomplish very much each day.  Day 11 consisted of cleaning the subway tiles in preparation for grouting and sealing the marble tiles so they don’t absorb the grout.

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Day 10: Vacationing at Work

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On Day 10 Ray and I both remarked on how relaxing and nice it was to be back at work.  Ray even described it as “like a vacation”.  I had to agree that sitting in a quiet, dust-free environment and being able to pee whenever I wanted to was pretty awesome.

I picked up a small overpriced bag of white thinset on the way home and we finished the floors.

Slowly but surely…

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Day 9: Herringbone Floor

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On Day 9 we tiled the floor, and luckily it went much faster than the shower.  The complicated pattern slowed us down, but the nice big pieces had us moving pretty quickly.  Unfortunately the tricky cuts near the end of the room, combined with the fact that we had run out of special white thinset, meant we had to stop before we were done.  Plus it was after midnight and we both had to go back to work the next day.

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Day 8: From One Tile Job to the Next

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On Day 8 I had my tiling system down to a science – grab my gear (putty knife, notched trowel, rubber gloves and thinset), jump into the bathtub without stepping on the newly poured floor, start my Saturday Night Live marathon on my kindle (which fit nicely in the medicine cabinet hole), and get to work.

I finally finished the tile on Day 8.

Meanwhile, Ray was cutting our statuario marble floor tile into 6 x 12 pieces, in preparation for our herringbone floor pattern.

Day 8 was a short day because we had tickets to the Atmosphere concert at the Showbox.  A fun ending to a grueling week!

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