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Posted by on Jan 19, 2012 in The Great Outdoors | 1 comment

We have been so grateful to work from home for the past two days amidst all of the snow and ice. Yesterday we built this massive snowman! He stands over 6 feet tall, and people have been stopping to take pictures of him as they pass by.

We’re currently cat sitting Polar Bear, in the window above. He’s a fluffy Himalayan that was born for this weather! Goa, on the other hand, has been spending her days like this:

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Flattening the subfloor

Posted by on Jan 6, 2012 in House Stuff | 1 comment

Ray and I both took last week off of work, in one huge push to finish our bamboo floor installation. It took nearly every waking hour of the entire week, but we’re done! They’re not perfect, but they look great and we’re so happy to have them done. Expect a full round up post with lots of before and after pictures soon!

In the meantime, below is a teaser of a time-lapse video that we took of one day of the floor flattening process. Stay tuned for a full video soon!

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Use a walnut to fix scratches in wood

Posted by on Jan 5, 2012 in Hippie Stuff, House Stuff, How-To | 0 comments

I ran across this tip on another blog recently but figured I’d never have an opportunity to try it out. So imagine my conflicting emotions when I came across a scratch on our brand new bamboo floors (oh no!) that was a perfect candidate for this treatment (woo hoo!). Ray must have thought I was crazy when I pointed out the scratch and then hopefully asked, “do we have any walnuts?”

We just happened to have a bag of walnuts leftover from the grain-free pumpkin pie, so I grabbed one and took it for a spin. I simply rubbed it firmly along the scratch, then gently wiped away the oily residue. Two seconds later, the scratch was practically gone! The scratch was pretty minor to begin with, but I actually had a hard time locating the scratch for the “after” photo.



Excited, I crawled around the room, secretly hoping for more scratches. I found a few more offenders that my walnut took care of.


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