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We decided to follow the advice on the back of our high school senior class sweatshirts – “Don’t talk about it, be about it” – and finally get on with these damn bamboo floors.

This is the face of determination. Or hunger.

Ignoring barriers like “money” and “time”, we took advantage of a 10% off sale at Ecohaus and just bit the bullet.  All 450 square feet of bamboo have been purchased!

The product we chose is Dansk’s Fusion EcoClick, a woven bamboo floor with a low-emission, solvent-free, VOC-free protective coating.  Some of the bamboo products available at big box stores can contain yucky stuff like formaldehyde and not be as green as you think.  This product actually qualifies for LEED credits and Dansk claims that they use nearly 100% of each bamboo stalk in the manufacturing process, and that any waste is used for power generation.  Considering that bamboo is one of the fastest growing and quickly renewable flooring sources out there, we’re feeling pretty good about our selection.

We chose the “Tiger” finish, rawr:

If all goes as planned, we’ll start installing these bad boys next weekend.  Yes, we’ll be doing it ourselves, and no, we’ve never done this before.

In the meantime, our office has barfed all of its contents into the living room and hall, making way for the lead-paint-sanding and plaster-wall-repairing-fest that we’ve been enjoying recently.

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Amazing Chair Upholstery

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My sister in law sent me photos of this old chair that she painted and reupholstered and the results are fantastic and I just had to share.  This project seems so complicated that I’m not sure I would have even attempted it, and I still don’t quite understand how she did it.  Check it out!

Before: wood trim and weathered fabric.


After: black trim and cute paisley fabric.

Great job Brittnei!

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