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On to the Semifinals

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Sockeye has just defeated the defending national champions, Chain Lightning, with a score of 15-10.  Sockeye competes in the Semifinals today against Ironside at 1:15 EST.  Real time scores will be available here.

If Sockeye beats Ironside, they will compete in the live video-streamed finals tomorrow at 11:45 EST.

Go Fish!!!

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Warm Fuzzies on a Drizzly Day

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I almost drove by the Starbucks drive-through this morning because I go there too often, I was running late for work and the line was long.  But I’ve got a backup list of reasons to convince myself that stopping for coffee is always a good idea.

When I got up to the drive-through window, the barista told me that the guy in front of me had paid for my drink.  At first I was really creeped out, thinking that he had been watching me in the rearview mirror or something.  But as it turns out, he had just wanted to commit a random act of kindness, and I was the lucky recipient.  I was so excited that I paid for the car behind me, and now I can’t stop thinking about it, wondering what the person behind me did, or how long the act of kindness went on.

Kudos to the random man in the white SUV for spending $3 to brighten the day for me and possibly others!

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Nationals, here we come…

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Nationals, here we come…

For the sixth straight year, I’ll be heading across the country to Sarasota, FL for the USA Ultimate Club Championships. We’ve had an up and down season since our dream run at Worlds, but none of that matters because Sockeye has made it to big show! Anything can happen!

You can follow the tournament action here

Stay posted for updates.

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Do you work someplace? Then you need to have an emergency kit there.

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Do you work someplace?  Then you need to have an emergency kit there.

I love emergency kits.  Not because I hope for an emergency, but because I love the power that comes from being prepared for the unexpected. Each time I jump start my own car with a portable battery, or whip out a bottle of hand sanitizer as I step off public transportation, I feel a little like Jason Bourne.  Or MacGuyver.

While there’s a fine line between preparing for an emergency and getting all worked up playing out all of the possible scenarios in your mind, doing nothing to prepare is just like sticking your head in the sand.

Most of us spend 40 or more hours per week sitting at a desk somewhere, so chances are good that if an emergency does happen, that’s where you’ll be.  So do yourself a favor – put together an emergency backpack and bring it to work on Monday!  Hopefully you’ll never have to look at it again, but if you ever need it you’ll be glad its there.

The role of your backpack is to contain everything you need to walk home from work in cold, dark or dangerous conditions.

Must haves:

  • a pair of comfy old sneakers or boots
  • an entire set of warm clothing, especially if you’re like me and don’t always wear the most practical outfits to work: socks, jeans, t-shirt, fleece and warm jacket
  • gloves, hat and scarf
  • wind-up flashlight
  • wind-up radio
  • first aid kit
  • bottled water

Good to have:

  • some cash
  • non-perishable snacks
  • multi-tool
  • foil blanket
  • umbrella and/or poncho
  • pen and paper
  • solar cell phone charger
  • reflective vest

Keep your emergency backpack underneath your desk, or somewhere that you have quick and easy access to, and you’re done!

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2010 Lake City Chili Cook Off

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2010 Lake City Chili Cook Off

…and we’re back! Sorry for the delay between posts, folks. We got all wrapped up in living life and whatnot.

The 2010 Lake City Chili Cookoff was a lot of fun.  The weather called for a torrential downpour, so we spent all weekend making the basement as clean and hospitable as possible. We even installed a few strips of rope lighting along the low parts of the ceiling so that Adam tall people wouldn’t bonk their heads. (Ray already has muscle memory for the low spots of the basement – he could walk around down there in his sleep.)  After all that preparation, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day.

Chili and power tools - mmm.

Ray decided to enter the competition less than 24 hours before it began, leaving me to hand-write his chili name into every single ballot, and sending him scrambling to come up with a recipe.  The fact that he won first place in the vegetarian category was quite the upset, but what can I say – the man can cook!  (He is making a fantastic dinner right now.)

First Place – Vegetarian: “Shot In the Dark” by Ray

First Place – Meat no Bean: “Happy Thanksgiving!” by Elizabeth

First Place – Meat with Bean AND Best in Show: “Cramson” by Jeremy and Tanya

The winners of the 2010 Lake City Chili Cookoff

We’re already thinking about next year’s cookoff.  Better weather!  More chili!  More prizes!  We’ll send out an email to save the date next Spring.

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